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Services & Pricing

I'm passionate about creating spaces for all sorts of places. Let's work together to make your virtual space the next big thing!


Services I Offer

Administrative Support

That's me! Your busy supporting your business and striving for success! I will take care of your website maintenance for the first 30 days and will provide hand off education for up to three selected employees - for a small additional charge.

Customer Support

I am here for you. Email your troubles and expect to receive a prompt reply. I will troubleshoot and propose resolution pathways for your consideration.

Project Management

I know that you want to get your business off the ground as soon as possible, or take it to the next level and I am going to work my hardest so that you can be ready to take off as soon as possible. 


Here are my selections! Pick the ones suitable for you.



Small Website - 2-3 pages 


Medium Website - 4 pages


Large Website - 5-6 pages


(More than one can be purchased, in order to have more pages for your website)



One Week Maintenance


Two Week Maintenance


One Month Maintenance


Tips accepted!

Handoff Education

Single Training


Office Pack

(Includes four selected employees. Only one can be purchased.)


(If you would like to add your own domain, that will be an additional $15.00)

Wanna get started?

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